Ralf Kempken

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Ralf  Kempken Ralf Kempken artist
Melbourne Newspaper Boys
hand cut paper (framed)
120 x 90 cm
Ralf  Kempken Ralf Kempken artist
Past Futures
hand cut stretched canvas
90 x 137 cm
Ralf  Kempken Ralf Kempken artist
Dream Screen after J. Cameron
hand cut paper (framed)
100 x 70 cm

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Ralf  Kempken

Ralf Kempken

Ralf Kempken Biography

Born in Germany, 1961
Living in Melbourne’s inner city for 25 years
Painting full time and exhibiting since 2001
Completed Diploma of visual arts at RMIT in 2005

Ralf Kempken Description

Ralf Kempken has been cutting and spraying multi layered stencils for years. From portraiture, iconic Melbourne cafes and modernist architecture, the stencil is used to spray images in countless variations. The underlying concept has always been that we filter all we see through past experiences and memories. Thus followed the evolution of the stencil which, up until now has been used as the tool to produce the painting, into the artwork itself. We all screen and frame our personal view of the world and with this in mind the stencils have turned into screens. Artwork that can be seen through and create optical illusions. The screens are intended as daily reminders that we have a conscious choice in how to look at the world around us.
All work is hand cut into paper, acetate, canvas or timber. With some outside help they can also be cut into steel. Ralf has been exhibiting continuously since 2001.

Ralf Kempken Resumé

2017 Jun           Into The Distance, Manyung Gallery Malvern
2017 Mar          Shadow Theatre, Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn East
2016 Aug          On Reflection, South Yarra Art House
2016 July          Urban Art, Manyung Gallery, Malvern
2016 May         Optique. Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn East
2015 Sept         Depends on how you look at it, St. Heliers St. Gallery, Abbotford Convent
2015 May          Perspectives, Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn East
2014 June         Screening, Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn East
2013 May          Stencils to Screens, Hawthorn Studio Gallery, Hawthorn East
2012 May          Unknown, c3 contemporary art space, Abbotsford Convent
2011 May          Lines, Sticks & Leaves, St. Heliers Gallery, Abbotsford Convent
2010 May          Filter, Ochre gallery, Collingwood
2009 July          Now Screening.., famouswhendead gallery, Nth. Melb.
2008 July          c3 contemporary art space launch, Abbotsford Convent
2008 July          Interface, Powerhouse Arts Centre, Brisbane
2008 Mar          Interface, gallery launch, famouswhendead gallery, Melbourne

2017 June         Flanegan Art Prize, Ballarat
2017 June         winner, St. Kevins Art Show
2017 Apr           finalist, Wyndham Art Prize
2017 Feb          Stencil Art Prize, Adelaide
2016 Sept         Stencil Art Prize, Sydney
2015 Oct           finalist, Banyule Award for Works on Paper, Ivanhoe
2015 June         YKCDT, aMBUSH Gallery, Sydney
2015 May          finalist, highly commended, Hazelhurst Works on paper award, Sydney
2013 Oct           winner, Australian Stencil art Prize, Sydney
2013 Oct           winner - people’s choice award, Banyule Works on paper, Melbourne
2013 Aug          finalist, Flanegan Art Prize, Ballarat
2012 Nov          winner, Australian stencil art prize, Crissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney
2012 Aug          finalist, National Works on Paper Award, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
2012 Jun           the art of photographic expression, Gallery One, Gold Coast
2011 Nov           finalist, Australian stencil art prize, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
2010 Nov           finalist, Australian stencil art prize, Sydney
2010 Jun           Paperworks, c3 contemporary art space, Abbotsford
2010 Nov          artist residency Scotch College
2009 Mar          Australian stencil art prize, Sydney
2008 Oct           off the wall finalist – Art Sydney
2008 Aug          Macarthur Cook art awards finalist, 45 downstairs gallery, Melbourne
2008 Aug          Melbourne stencil festival, featured artist representing Australia & Asia
2008 Apr           off the wall finalist – Art Melbourne
2007 Dec          Stencil festival, Perth
2007 Dec          Urban art agenda, Perth
2007 Oct           Stencil festival, Sydney and Brisbane
2007 June         Fine cuts, Ballarat art gallery
2007 May          Melbourne Stencil Festival
2007 Mar          Selected cuts, Fringe festival Adelaide
2006 May          Stencil Festival, Melbourne & Sydney
2005 Feb           Melbourne stencil festival


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