Eve Marks

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Eve  Marks A Royal Heist
A Royal Heist
oil on canvas
76 x 76 cm
Eve  Marks Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful Creatures
oil on canvas
120 x 90 cm
Eve  Marks Bombay Sapphire
Bombay Sapphire
Acrylic on linen
122 x 102 cm
Eve  Marks Botanica
acrylic on canvas
86 x 86 cm
Eve  Marks Each To Her Own
Each To Her Own
acrylic on canvas
76 x 76 cm
Eve  Marks Elusive
mixed media on canvas
91 x 122 cm
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Eve  Marks

Eve Marks

Eve Marks Biography

I grew up in Melbourne where I worked as a graphic artist. My family and I decided to get out of the rat race and move to Byron Bay. It was there that I decided I would follow my passion to paint. I attended several workshops where I was fortunate enough to be tutored and inspired by some of Australia’s finest artists: Michael John Taylor, James Guppy, Rene Bolton and Pamela Tippet.

Within the first year of painting I was picked up by a gallery in town called ‘Byron Fine arts’ my paintings were selling well; After 2 years of painting in Byron I sorely missed the rat race and decided to come back home; besides the thought of being represented in Melbourne was a very exciting prospect.

When I came back to the city, my painting style started to change I started to pay more attention to social personas. I began to paint the 3 girls and was taken over by them; what started off as the same girl echoed subtly in different stages of being (hence why they look so similar), ended up as a representation of social clones and a triangle of interplay.

Many people ask me why I paint 3 girls what’s the significance of 3 and I’m not sure what to say other than when you put 3 girls in a group it creates an intangible and unique dynamic. I also began to paint the single independent woman with what started out as the French "attitude", savoir fare, au revoir, reverie etc. I enjoy the care-freeness, self confidence that these women emanate and represent I love to create and play with the atmosphere of these pieces.

At the same time I have always experimented and played with abstract expressionism a genre that I admire very much. It's a purely selfish and natural process for me it feeds my fascination and love for colour, tone, form and texture.

Instinctive painting that comes from within and seemingly paints itself. There is a particular magic to abstract painting for me that also lends its results to my figurative work.

Eve Marks Description

Eve is well regarded for her representations of women. Often depicted as glamorous social clones of each other, their subtle echoes are translated together onto canvas. The persona of her subjects engage the viewer and generate a dynamic exchange. Who is really looking at whom? Look for her Boudoir scenes, reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge, each an intriguing painting.

Eve Marks Resumé

2018 - Beautiful Bizarre Competition
2018 - Bluethumb competition
2015 - Singapore Art Fair
2014 - Manyung Gallery 'nature exhibition'
2012 - Singapore Art Fair

2012 - Manyung Gallery - solo exhibition - August
2012 - Gasworks Park Port Melbourne - solo abstract exhibition "SANGUINE" - July
2012 - Camberwell Rotary Art show
2012 - Edrington Grand art exhibition - Prize won for 'in the loop'
2011 - Melbourne Art Show 2011
2010 - Nexus Modern Art - Group show "true self" 20th Nov 2010
2010 - Suburban Gallery Exhibition - Brighton, (29th August 2010 )
2010 - Charity Art Exhibition UBUNTU - Callan Park Rozelle, (Sydney College of the Arts )
2009 - Glenferrie Contemporary Art - Malvern
2009 - Boranup Gallery WA - Margaret River
2009 - Select Group Exhibition Manyung Gallery
2009 - Art on Record, New York, USA
2009 - Art Melbourne 09
2008 - Art Sydney
2008 - Suburban Gallery - solo exhibition - Brighton
2008 - Art Brisbane
2008 - Art Melbourne 08
2008 - Nexus Modern Art - Melbourne
2007 - Sydney Art Show - Sydney
2007 - Pivotal Galleries - Joint exhibition - Richmond
2007 - Art Melbourne exhibition buildings Melbourne
2006 - Pivotal Galleries - Solo Exhibition - Richmond
2006 - Gallery M Group exhibition - South Melbourne
2006 - Sydney Art Show - Sydney
2006 - Art Melbourne (affordable art show) - Melbourne
2006 - Suburban Contemporary Art - Brighton
2005 - Pivotal Galleries - Solo Exhibition - Richmond
2005 - Gallery M Group exhibition - South Melbourne
2005 - Sydney Art Show – Sydney
2005 - Paddington Contemporary Art – Sydney
2005 - Melbourne Affordable art show
2004 - GalleryM - Group Exhibition - South Melbourne
2004 - Pantechnicon Gallery – Daylesford
2004 - Solo exhibition ‘Interplay’ at Pivotal Galleries, Richmond
2004 – Melbourne Affordable art show
2003 - Pivotal Galleries – Richmond
2002 - Byron Fine Arts - Byron Bay

Features and Publications:
2014 - Mamamia, Feature Artist, 'An artistic Tribute to nature that you are going to want to hand in your lounge'
2009 - Better Homes and Garden Magazine
2006 - International Calendar - Compumedics
2005 - International Calendar – Compumedics
2005 - Neos Kosmos Newspaper - (English Edition) Feature - "Making her mark"
2004 - The Age - Domain

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