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Rick  Matear Agapanthus Afternoon
Agapanthus Afternoon
acrylic on canvas
97 x 122 cm
Rick  Matear Agapanthus Path to the Sea
Agapanthus Path to the Sea
acrylic on oil on canvas
83 x 110 cm
Rick  Matear Agapanthus Pathway Noon
Agapanthus Pathway Noon
acrylic on linen
92 x 138 cm
Rick  Matear Agapanthus Walk
Agapanthus Walk
acrylic on linen
138 x 98 cm
Rick  Matear Bathing Boxes_ Shelley
Bathing Boxes, Shelley
oil on linen
89 x 114 cm
Rick  Matear Beach Ball
Beach Ball
acrylic on linen
95 x 123.5 cm
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Rick  Matear

Rick Matear

Rick Matear Description

Known for his interpretations of the Mornington Peninsula, Rick Matear currently lives and works in Melbourne. His loves are painting, his family, gardening, and teaching art. A keen bike rider, Rick rides to and from work and enjoys the peace and private time that this provides. He also takes the time to hand craft his stretchers from recycled wood.

Beaches are a recurrent theme in Rick Matear’s work, he admits to an endless fascination for “the place where three worlds meet: land, sea and sky.” Rick’s paintings sing of his love for the sea side where he has holidayed since childhood days – released from the confines of school, feet blistering on the hot sand and eyes squinting against bright reflected light. Each painting is anchored in colour, with brush strokes rising from a warm, creamy background in gentle hues of blue, gold, pink, russet, green and brown, finally coalescing into shapes and forms to capture the spirit of place.

Rick Matear was born in 1960 and holds a Degree of Fine Art, Victorian College of the Arts. He has held over 30 solo exhibitions. His work is represented in private and corporate collections in Australia, the UK and USA. He was the recipient of the prestigious Sara Levi Travel Scholarship in 1982, the Turtle Island arts residency in Fiji in 2000 and the Max & Ruth Barry Art Prize in 2006.


Rick Matear Resumé

1985-2002 - Participated in more than 30 group exhibitions around the world
1985 - Bibra Gallery, Armadale
1987 - Chapman Gallery, Canberra
1991 - Chapman Gallery, Canberra
1991 - Guilfoyles Gallery, South Yarra
1992 - First Settlement Gallery, Sorrento Victoria
1994 - Libby Edwards Galleries, South Yarra
1994 - Ararat Regional Gallery, Ararat Victoria
1995 - Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
1996 - Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
1997 - Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
1997 - Catanachs Art Gallery, Armadale
1998 - Libby Edwards Galleries, Portsea Victoria
1999 - Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
2000 - Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
2001 - Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
2001 - Turtle Island Exhibition
2003 - Collins Street Gallery, Melbourne
2003 - Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
2004 - Huntingtower Gallery Melbourne
2004 - December Thursday Group Exhibition Domain House
2007 - Paintings of Venice, Collins Street Gallery
2008 - Canterbury Art Show
2010 - Kinross House, Toorak
2011 - Abbottsford Convent
2013 - Manyung Gallery, Sorrento
2014 - Manyung Gallery, Sorrento
2015 - Manyung Gallery, Sorrento

Sara Levi Scholarship in 1982
Max & Ruth Barry Art Prize Albury 2006

Public Collections:
Maribyrnong City Council

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