Nikki Perzuck

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Nikki  Perzuck Tropical Moment
Tropical Moment
acrylic on canvas
122 x 152 cm
Nikki  Perzuck Fiesta At Sunset
Fiesta At Sunset
acrylic on canvas
152 x 183 cm
Nikki  Perzuck Lavender Journey
Lavender Journey
acrylic on canvas
60 x 60 cm
Nikki  Perzuck Nature_S Retreat
Nature's Retreat
acrylic on canvas
122 x 182 cm
Nikki  Perzuck Summer View
Summer View
acrylic on canvas
122 x 182 cm

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Nikki  Perzuck

Nikki Perzuck

Nikki Perzuck Description

Australian artist, Nikki Perzuck believes the purpose of her painting is to uplift the spirit. Her works are a celebration of the simple things in life which she captures using interesting colour combinations and exciting movement. The viewer is immersed in this mysterious journey and can follow the pathways or enjoy discovering hidden elements.

Nikki’s paintings invite you to explore a dynamic culmination of vibrant colour, form and adventure. A major influence for Nikki has been her extensive travels to Europe and Asia where she lived and worked in Paris and was transformed by the creative influences around her. Nikki also explored Spain and often reflects on the vibrant colour influences and architectural charm which continue to inspire her. In spite of her travels abroad, the Australian landscape is her dominant influence with its ever changing sunsets, countryside and coastal views.

“Through the pathways I create, I try to combine movement between interwoven shapes and forms. I like to use vibrant colour mixes and layered texture to translate this energy into imagery. I tend to immerse myself in this journey and infuse nature and the diverse cultures that have impacted on me”.

Nikki graduated from Graphic Design at Monash University in 1992 and worked in product development, colour forecasting and textile design for fashion and interior design companies before shifting her focus back to her true love of painting. Nikki exhibited her works in the “Spirit of Art” International Exhibition in London, the “Little Treasures” International Exhibition in Bologna, Italy and the “Creative Energy” International Exhibition at the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy. Nikki has exhibited at Art Melbourne and Art Sydney with the Manyung Gallery and has been involved in several successful exhibitions both locally and internationally. 

Nikki Perzuck Statement

“I feel the purpose of my painting is to uplift the spirit. I gather my inspiration from the diverse cultures that have impacted on me.  From the curved temple roofs in Asia, to the decorative buildings in Spain, to the sunsets along the Australian coastline and countryside. I like to use vibrant colour mixes to capture the essence of the journey and layered texture to translate the pattern. My paintings are a celebration of the simple things in life, a moment in time.”

Nikki Perzuck Resumé

2015       Affordable Art Fair Singapore with Manyung Gallery
2014       ArtBridge, London
2014       The Design Hunter, Sydney
2014       St Kevins Art Show
2014       Art Show, VSK Kids
2014       Splash Art Show
2014       Canterbury Art Exhibition
2014       Manyung Gallery
2013       Group Exhibition - Manyung Gallery - Sorrento
2013       Somers Art Fair
2013       St Kevins Art Show
2013       Canterbury Art Exhibition               
2013       Group Exhibition –Beth Hulme Gallery
2013       Manyung Gallery 
2013       The Design Hunter, Sydney
2012       Art Melbourne -  Manyung Gallery
2012       “Beautiful Things” Group Exhibition – Beth Hulme Gallery
2012       Abstract Group Exhibition - Manyung Gallery
2012       “San Valentino” International Exhibition - Vico del Gargano, Italy
2011       “Long Hot Summer” - Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney
2011       The Balmain Art Show - feature artist, Sydney
2011       Masterworks Art Show
2011       Somers Art Fair
2011       “Festivity” - Nikki Perzuck & Rebecca Cool - Manyung Gallery
2011       Art Melbourne – Manyung Gallery
2011       Red Hill Art Show
2011       ArtBridge, London
2011       “Spirit of Art” - International Exhibition - La Galleria, London
2011       “Pathways” solo exhibition - Art2Muse Gallery, Sydney
2011       Canterbury Art Exhibition - Melbourne
2010       Art Sydney - Manyung Gallery
2010       Balmain Art Show - feature artist - Sydney
2010       “Creative energy”- International Exhibition- Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy
2010       Somers Art Fair
2010       “Art of Giving” Exhibition
2010       Exhibition - Nikki Perzuck, Janine Daddo, Kim Kennedy – Manyung Gallery
2010       Surrey Hills Art Exhibition
2010       Canterbury Art Exhibition - feature artist - Melbourne
2010       Art Melbourne – Manyung Gallery
2010       Beechworth Fine Art Gallery
2009       “A collection of 6 local contemporary artists pursuing individual journeys” Group Exhibition – Manyung Gallery
2009       Somers Arts Fair
2009       Gallery Sorrento
2009       Beechworth Fine Art Gallery
2009       Bayside Art Show
2009       “Art of Giving” Exhibition
2009       Canterbury Art Exhibition
2008       Gallery Sorrento
2008       The Delshan Gallery
2007       Gallery Sorrento
2006       Gallery Sorrento
Media / Publications
Insiderei – Austrian lifestyle magazine
Postcards TV Program, Beechworth episode
Italian Art Journal Magazine
Melbourne Living Magazine – Vol 4
McGrath Magazine, Issue 10
MasterChef Magazine, Issue 6
The Age – Good Food Guide
The Melbourne Weekly
The Herald Sun
The Leader Magazine
Sorrento Village Life Magazine
Community Projects
2009-2010 “Art of giving” Exhibition for “MIND” organization
2014           “Art show” for Very Special Kids organization
Collections & Commissions
Private collections in Australia, London, Paris, Israel, New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Italy.

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