Lawrence Marshall

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Lawrence  Marshall Lawrence Marshall Artist
Gently Weeping
myrtle and stainless
95 x 100 x 12 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Swanning Along
Swanning Along
stainless steel
67 x 28 x 67 cm
Lawrence  Marshall To Fly or Not To Fly
To Fly or Not To Fly
27 x 120 x 210 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Champing at the Bit
Champing at the Bit
red gum timber, steel, brass and pottery
40 x 25 x 12 cm
Lawrence  Marshall _The Waiting Game_
'The Waiting Game'
120 x 100 x 80 cm
Lawrence  Marshall _What Now__
'What Now?'
113 x 125 x 40 cm
Lawrence  Marshall A Tasty Morsel
A Tasty Morsel
steel & wood
170 x 65 x 110 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Abstracted Huon
Abstracted Huon
huon pine
34 x 17 x 17 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Alighting
steel & wood
40 x 40 x 95 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Dancing Egret
Dancing Egret
brass, stainless & mild steel
110 x 75 x 120 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Dove Of Peace
Dove Of Peace
25 x 35 x 20 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Dragon Fly At Rest
Dragon Fly At Rest
stainless steel, brass & mesh
180 x 70 x 43 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Feeding Time
Feeding Time
25 x 90 x 88 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Footloose And Fancy Feet
Footloose And Fancy Free
glass, mild & stainless steel
80 x 70 x 40 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Green Eyed Pisces
Green Eyed Pisces
mild steel & glass
32 x 22 x 50 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Gull
stainless steel
110 x 50 x 49 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Launch Pad
Launch Pad
160 x 100 x 140 cm
Lawrence  Marshall On The Road Again
On The Road Again
stainless & gal
118 x 60 x 15 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Red Eyed Pisces
Red Eyed Pisces
mild steel & glass
30 x 10 x 50 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Robbie
45 x 25 x 25 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Son Of Sherbrooke
Son Of Sherbrooke
stainless & gal
110 x 50 x 50 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Spring Time
Spring Time
stainless & spring steel
100 x 100 x 150 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Sybil The Swan
Sybil The Swan
80 x 40 x 65 cm
Lawrence  Marshall The Fishing Game
The Fishing Game
120 x 110 x 70 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Where To Now
Where To Now
Mt Gambier sandstone
20 x 20 x 10 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Who Me_
Who Me?
40 x 110 x 135 cm
Lawrence  Marshall
Willy The Wedgy
steel & wood
210 x 160 x 90 cm
Lawrence  Marshall Winged Gull
Winged Gull
stainless steel
120 x 90 x 50 cm

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Lawrence  Marshall

Lawrence Marshall

Lawrence Marshall Description

My interest in art began at a very early age but has taken many years to developand fulfill the creative interest which was there. Through my background ofAgriculture I have always been interested in practical solutions to problems relatingto various aspects of rural life. By exploring solutions in a more lateral way Iimplemented several new inventions. For this I was awarded the prestigious HughMcKay state award for innovation and contribution to agriculture in Victoria in 1994.

In more recent years, retirement has allowed me the time to fully explore my creativity and to utilize materials I have worked with over the years in a very different way. I have always liked working with timber and steel enjoying their contrasting qualities. Following my love of the “old” I have restored several heritageboats to express my inner desires to reconstruct the old world by creatively implementing the relating themes of form and function - drawing together the worldof dreams and practicality - the practical challenges of the sea and exploration ofdifferent locations of boyhood fantasies.

My love of the land steeped in history and struggle for survival has led me todevelop further creative challenges using older materials and metals, especially recycled farm machinery and timbers. The nature of animals and birds strongly appeals to me as subjects because of the contrasts they present - their strengthand power coupled with their survival instincts and subtle ingenious mannerisms. Through carving, chiseling and welding I have sought to create and explore thefluid, spontaneous movement observed in animals and birds living on the land sofamiliar to me.

It is my wish to further develop the skills, techniques and conceptual understandingto take creativity to “the next level”. Participation and ongoing involvement withother artists and sculptors is, I believe, one way of achieving this.

Lawrence Marshall Resumé

Local and family displays.
Mornington Peninsula Art Exhibition (Sculpture 1st prize)
Bairnsdale U.L. art Exhibition
Jindivick Sculpture Exhibition (Highly commendable)
Melbourne Flower and Garden Show
The Warburton Art and sculpture Show
Metung, East Gippsland On Show Exhibition
Mt Gambier Forestry Exhibition
“Tesselaar” Sculpture competition
“Mistletoe” N.S.W sculpture competition
“Lockhart” N.S.W - The Land sculpture competition

Designed and built unique pieces of furniture.
Restored a 1939 “Jenny Wren” motor sailer.
Restored an early 1900 shark boat.
Restored 1927 “T” model Ford roadster
Featured many individual art pieces on historical boats.
Constructed larger sculptural items for garden displays
Attended various workshops, gaining further techniques and developing additional skills

I have many sculptures in private collections throughout Australia.

Awards and Achievements
1994 - Won the prestigious “Hugh McKay Award” from the Victoria government for my contribution towards Agriculture
1992 & 93 - “Inventor of the Year” in Australia
1992 & 93 - “Inventor of the Year” in New Zealand
Introduced the concept of round baled silage into Australia.
Designed a square bale mulcher for Vines.
Invented and manufactured the “Stock Proof Float Valve”.
1993 - Won the B.H.P. Best Innovative Machine of the Year Award, Australian National Field Days
1990 - Winner for Best Innovative Machine of the Year Award Elmore, Field Days
1985 - Designed the first Australian made commercial green waste recycler “True Blue”
1965 - Designed and built the first contractable drawbar for bogie trailer transports
1961 - Winner of the Victorian Young Farmers Livestock Judging Award

Related Technical Work Experience
Welding & wood turning courses
Shipwright courses with (Bill Jones)
Various workshops - sand stone, concrete, clay and fibre glass, aiming at expanding my skills, knowledge and appreciation of sculpture as a visual art form.

Voluntary Community Involvement
Member - Australian Sculpture Ass., of Victoria
Captain - Boneo Rural Fire Brigade
President - P&C. Ass. of Simpson Primary School
Drum Major - Wangaratta Pipe Band
Member - Rotary
Member - Tourism Committee with North East Development
Member - Wangaratta & District Promotions Committee
Member - Wooden Boat Association
Member - Friends of Nungurner Action Group

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