Belinda Rogers

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Belinda  Rogers Meditation
oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm
Belinda  Rogers Edo Approaches The River
Edo Approaches The River
Oil on Caravaggio linen
115 x 200 cm
Belinda  Rogers Secret Places
Secret Places
Oil on Caravaggio linen
115 x 200 cm
Belinda  Rogers Self Portrait
Self Portrait
Oil on Caravaggio linen
115 x 115 cm
Belinda  Rogers Teishen
Oil on Caravaggio linen
120 x 120 cm
Belinda  Rogers Water Meditation
Water Meditation
Oil on Caravaggio linen
120 x 120 cm
Belinda  Rogers Peach Tree
Peach Tree
Oil on Caravaggio linen
90 x 180 cm
Belinda  Rogers Enquiry
Oil on Caravaggio linen
120 x 150 cm
Belinda  Rogers Belinda Rogers artist
Oil on Caravaggio linen
115 x 230 cm
Belinda  Rogers Little Dream
Little Dream
oil on canvas
30 x 30 cm
Belinda  Rogers Little Garden 1
Little Garden 1
oil on canvas
53 x 31 cm
Belinda  Rogers Little Garden 2
Little Garden 2
oil on canvas
52 x 23 cm
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Belinda  Rogers

Belinda Rogers

Belinda Rogers Biography

Award winning Painter & Poet Belinda Rogers uses abstract forms as a mediation between the conscious and unconscious self. Belinda paints from a studio in Australia's oldest artist colony, where she devotes her life to her work amidst the legacy of prominent Australian artists. Nurturing her own place of seeing and the techniques acquired from her early childhood, Belinda has broken away from traditional painting to create a unique voice in abstraction. Her paintings are an immersion of formlessness, which seemingly float in translucent layers, beckoning her audience further into the image. Her work has been referenced as 'breaking light' and is exhibited in local and international exhibitions.

A published poet, her poems also cut away at the fabric of word, leaving her audience with a sense of resonance and mystery. Having worked as an acupuncturist for many years and as a devoted student of Zen philosophy, her work dwells within the beauty of these ancient traditions.

Belinda Rogers Statement

"As a young painter, I used far too much paint.
I sought the wild places, slept by rivers, catching Autumn leaves in my basket; sewing
them to trees and denying their fall. The elements which beckoned me were glimpsed but
failed to truly emerge. So I walked, turning amongst a self built labyrinth where questions
bred more of themselves, a confusion of things in their thousands. Colour by colour, tube
by tube, failing to find any answer. The leaves would brown and fade away.
How do I paint the thing I cannot see but know upon seeing?
It was my devotion to Japanese Acupuncture that took me to the foothill of my respite, to a
place where those questions of identity finally began to strain against a more permanent
force. I could feel it ripping against my structures, and the letting go was painful. I picked
up my cloth, scrubbed at my canvas, stripped back the edges, moved the lines.
The labyrinth was being torn down.
That old cloth never strays far from my hand these days, it is my refuge, sometimes so far
as my hope. I am not a landscape painter, yet I paint what I have seen. Colours are
rushing past me as I float in my water sky, my place is here and always will be.
I will resist telling of my own secrets dwelling within these pieces, and invite instead the
muse of the observer. Do they see a tree? A stone? A sky? Why does water seem to
submerge into form itself and yet, still hold form? How can a familiarity be felt without
memory? The question must surrender.
The questioning knows itself and questions no more.
What remains are the silhouettes of our projection: Colour. Our place within the other. The
painting has become the observer and the observer has become the painting. The
exchange is silent, ever flowing, dwelling in the somewhere in-between.
A treasured place.
The watcher watches us as we see the leaves fall.
The seer has no birth and so gives birth to thousands."

- Belinda Rogers, 2015

Belinda Rogers Resumé

Bachelor of Health Science, Acupuncture
Advanced Diploma of Health Science, Acupuncture
Advanced Diploma of Mediation Studies & Philosophy
Certificate IV Oriental Massage
Certificate IV Zen Shiatsu

2016: Bendigo Bank Art Award, Painting
2015: 1st Prize, Painting Mullundindy
2014: 2nd Prize, Painting "Solitude"
2013: Encouragement Award, Visage
2017: Mail Newspaper, Guest Speaker, International women day
2017: Yarra Valley FM. Artist interview
2016: Postcards Channel 9
2016: Melbourne Weekly Review
2016: ART COLLECTOR Magazine
2016: Yarra Ranges Country Life Magazine
2016: Summer Feature Artist COAST Magazine
2016: Mornington Newspaper
2016: Manyung Gallery, Creative Collaborations
2015: Elephant Journal
2014: Review Melbourne Arts Club
2014: Review Melbourne Arts Club

April 2017, Gallery Voltaire, MELBOURNE
January 2017 Manyung Gallery, MALVERN
October 2016, Manyung Gallery, SORRENTO
September 2016, Platform 72, SYDNEY
April 2016 Singapore Art Fair, SINGAPORE
March 2016, Manyung Gallery, MALVERN
March 2016, Montsalvat, ELTHAM
December 2015, Manyung Gallery, SORRENTO
November 2015, Singapore Art Fair, SINGAPORE

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