Janet Ayliffe

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Janet  Ayliffe Janet Ayliffe Artist
Milly & Norman Count The Possum 38/100
43 x 30.5 cm
Janet  Ayliffe Janet Ayliffe artist
Cneorifolia Thicket
Archival pigment print
74 x 30 cm
Janet  Ayliffe Janet Ayliffe artist
Grace of Swans
Archival pigment print
74 x 53 cm
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Janet  Ayliffe

Janet Ayliffe

Janet Ayliffe Biography

Janet Ayliffe has been working as a print artist, painter and printmaker for more than 20 years. In that time, she has developed a highly original style that reflects her life, her environment and her family. A pioneer of solar plate (Photopolymer) etching techniques as well as multiple plate work, she produces art that is, at once, accessible and deeply complex and, at times, mystical.

Born and brought up at a farm on Kangaroo Island, Janet now lives with her family at Honey Humm Farm outside Kangarilla, a village in the beautiful hills region south of Adelaide in South Australia. She teaches drawing and etching technique in classes near her home and conducts workshops during interstate visits. 

Janet's work is displayed in public and private collections and in art galleries throughout Australia and in many other parts of the world. She regularly contributes to group and solo exhibitions and the major craft shows around Australia. Her work has won many prizes.


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