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Kate  Piekutowski The Polish Tea Party
The Polish Tea Party
unique state multi-layered etching, hand coloured
100 x 70 cm
Kate  Piekutowski The Patisserie
The Patisserie
unique state multi-layered etching, hand coloured
29.5 x 19.5 cm
Kate  Piekutowski Warsaw In The Rain
Warsaw In The Rain
unique state multi-layered etching, hand coloured
19.5 x 29.5 cm
Kate  Piekutowski The Boulangerie
The Boulangerie
unique state multi-layered etching, hand coloured
29.5 x 19.5 cm
Kate  Piekutowski Oh nostalgia_ how did you find me_
Oh nostalgia, how did you find me?
unique state multi-layered etching, hand coloured
29.5 x 19.5 cm
Kate  Piekutowski Streets of Sevilla
Streets of Sevilla
unique state multi-layered etching, hand coloured
Unique State Print 10/20
29.5 x 20.5 cm
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Kate  Piekutowski

Kate Piekutowski

Kate Piekutowski Biography

A romantic, in a modern context, has numerous meanings. One could associate this term with love, fiction, idealism and even a desire for adventure. However I do not want these misconceptions to be associated with my work. Although one may perceive ideals of beauty, this portfolio represents rather melancholia towards Polish culture and history.

Influenced by the Romantic era of the mid-nineteenth century, these images explore the juxtaposition between lightness and darkness from both a metaphorical and physical perspective. They reflect on my Polish Heritage and a wistful desire to return to a former time and homeland. Through the traditional technique of intaglio combined with contemporary mediums, it has been my aim to find a cultural identity, where travel has become the foundation for both survival and inspiration.

Kate Piekutowski Resumé

2011 Diploma of Fine Arts, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart
2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts School of Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart
2013 Commencing Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking, University of Tasmania 

Solo exhibitions
2018       Manyung Gallery, Malvern
2016       Solo Exhibition, Colville Gallery
2015       The Search for the Lily of the Valley, Melbourne, FAWN Gallery, Solo exhibition    
2015       Gather ye rosebuds, Sidespace Gallery, Hobart, TAS, Solo exhibition
2015       Lightness of Being, Gallery Pejean, Launceston
2014       Colville Gallery, Hobart, TAS- Solo Exhibition
2014       Gallery Pejean, Launceston, TAS- Solo Exhibition
2013       Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca TAS- Collaborative Exhibition of works with Chris Kurrish & Steph Parkyn
2013       Gallery Pejean, Launceston TAS- Solo Exhibition of Prints
2013       Agora Gallery, New York City- Group show
2013       Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Solo Exhibition of Prints
2012       Rebecca Roth Gallery, Salamanca TAS - A European Nostalgia
2012       Preachers, Salamanca TAS- Works by Kate Piekutowski
2012       Goulburn Street Gallery, West Hobart TAS – Birdsong
2012       Inka Gallery, Salamanca TAS- The Depiction of a Romantic, Solo Exhibition
2011       Entrepot Gallery, Salamanca TAS - Oh Nostalgia, how did you find me? 

Group exhibitions
2017       Manyung Gallery, Malvern
2014       The Long Gallery, Running with Scissors, Group Exhibition
2014       Mini Print Exhibition, Sidespace Gallery, Group exhibition
2014       Colville Gallery, Group Exhibition
2014       Images of Tasmania, Group Exhibition, Sidespace and Long Gallery, Salamanc
2013       Mixed Borders & Hybrid Identities, Riccione ITALY
2013       Kingborough Art Prize and Exhibition Group Show
2013       Fawn Gallery, group exhibition
2013       The Long Gallery, Images of Tasmania, Group exhibition
2013       Colville Gallery, Group Exhibition
2012       Inka Gallery, Salamanca TAS- Blue
2012       Long Gallery, Salamanca TAS- Print and Painting Collaborative Exhibition
2011       Entrepot Gallery, Hunter Street TAS- Exhibition Newsprint
2011       Inka Gallery, Salamanca TAS- Gallery Member
2011       The Long Gallery, Salamanca TAS- A collaborative exhibition of prints and paintings
2011       The Stable Gallery, Moonah TAS- Mini print and painting exhibition
2011       Inka Gallery, Salamanca TAS- Blank canvas exhibition

Clyde Selby, Drawing on Experience, Saturday Magazine, The Mercury, 25.08.2012
Clyde Selby, Salamanca a tribute to Duke’s Glory, Saturday Magazine, The Mercury, 07.01.2012
Amanda Ducker, Home Work, Style, The Mercury, 16.02.2012 

2013       Selected for the SHE Competition, Dandenong and Walker St Gallery
2013       Kingborough Art Prize and Exhibition, Won Best of Show

2012 June/July- Self-funded residency in Venice, Italy
2013 September/October – Self-funded residency Skopelos Island, Greece 
2013- Self-funded Scopelos Art Foundation Residency, Greece
2013 - Self-funded Printmaking Residency, Murano, Venice, Italy
2014/2015 Self-funded residency Mt Bruce, New Zealand
2015 Art residency, Portugal

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