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David  Bowers Dave Bowers Artist
Bull 89
Stencil on Ply
34 x 40 cm
David  Bowers Drop Punt_ E J Whitten
Drop Punt: E J Whitten
Stencil on Ply
60 x 40 cm
David  Bowers Barry Davis
Drop Punts: Barry Davis
Stencil on Ply
60 x 40 cm
3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 120, Works per page


David  Bowers

David Bowers

David Bowers Biography

Finalists Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2010

10 YEAR RETROSPECTIVE. Melbourne. Dec 2014
THE GRIND. Geelong. Aug 2014
COW+DIG+AIR+GAS=AXE. Darwin. Aug 2013
AAF. Seoul. Korea. Nov 2012.
AAF. Shanghai. Nov 2012.
AAF. Singapore. Nov 2012.
AAF.Stockholm. . Nov 2012.
AAF. Amsterdam. Oct 2012
AAF.Brussels. . Oct 2012
AAF. New York. . Oct 2012
AAF. Mexico City. . Oct 2012
THE GRIND. Harrison Gallery Sydney. April. 2012.
HEARTBREAKERS. Yering Station Gallery. Feb. 2012.
PETIT TRAVAUX. Retrospect gallery. Gold Coast QLD. Dec 2011.
MAN MADE. Salt Gallery Queenscliff Vic. November 2011.
SHARPEN YOUR BRAIN.Linton&Kay Contemporary. Perth August 2011.
DOUBLE EXTRA SUPER. Retrospect gallery March 2011.
SWING LOW. Mario’s Cafe. Melbourne. December 2010.
HIGH POP LOW BROW. Salt Gallery Queenscliff Vic. November 2010
AAF.NYC. NEW YORK. October2010.
MORAN PRIZE SHOW. Sydney August. 2010.
HARRISON GALLERY Sydney March. 2010
UFO GALLERY. Hong Kong. January. 2010.
EXTRA SAUCE. Mario’s Cafe. Melbourne. December. 2009.
GLOBAL BOOM. Retrospect gallery. Byron Bay. Sept. 2009.
FREE RADICALS. Greenwood Gallery. Melbourne. March 2009.
BULLET PROOF. Harrison Gallery. Sydney. February 2009
COOPER GALLERY. Noosa Heads January 2009
NEW IMPLOSION. Mario’s Cafe. Melbourne. December 2008.
SPRING ST GALLERY. Sydney November 2008
YERING STATION. Victoria August 2008
HARRISON GALLERY. Sydney June 2008

Spacejunk Gallery. France January 2008
TIGER FISH GALLERY. Torquay September 2007
HO GALLERY.Melbourne August 2007
FRESH GALLERY. Melbourne May 2007
100% GOOD ENOUGH. Mario’s Cafe. Melbourne. December 2007

Semi Permanent Group Show. July 2006
(REVOLVER. Melbourne)
WHITEWASH GROUP SHOW. Torquay. April 2006.
MAMBO SHOW. Mario’s Cafe. Melbourne. December 2006.
MAMBO SHOW. Mario’s Cafe. Melbourne. December 2005.

Q MAGAZINE. Issue 56. April 2009
SURFERS JOURNAL. France February / March 2009
SPACEJUNK MAGAZINE. France 2007-2008
NEWS HOUR. ABC television. Aust. Asia. India and Pacific. April 2008.
JET STAR. in flight Magazine. 2008.
AG ideas Book. Melbourne. 2008.
OYSTER MAGAZINE. Sydney. Issue 75. 2008
WATIM. (We are the image makers). On line magazine. Issue 12. 2007.
KINGBROWN MAGAZINE. Perth. Issue 2. 2007.
DESKTOP MAGAZINE. Melbourne. Issue 223. 2006. (Cover)
EMPTY MAGAZINE. Sydney. Issue 8. 2006.
SEMI-PERMANENT BOOK. Sydney. 2005. 2006.

David Bowers Statement

Contemporary pop artist and painter David Bowers was born in Geelong in 1964. He grew up in Melbourne’s outer west – a blend of rural land, working class suburb and industrial wasteland. He studied illustration and life drawing at Monash University in Caulfield, graduating with a diploma in Graphic Design in 1986. From this point on, Bowers slowly but steadily steered away from design as a career, experiencing the world as a builder’s labourer, cray boat deckhand and petrol station hand among other things. All these jobs influenced his style and subject matter as a fine artist.

I always felt like a fake as a graphic designer because I could never put a brochure together, and basically all the work I’ve ever done has been by hand with a paintbrush or pencils.

In 1992 he created art / surf label Umgawa with creative partner Nick Morris. His quirky, bold, colourful style quickly caught the eye of Mambo head, Dare Jennings, and after selling Umgawa, Bowers became a Mambo regular, thriving in the Mambo environment of wild colour and irreverence.

Bowers works with acrylics, enamels and oil sticks. He also uses objects, signage, collage and cardboard boxes salvaged from Asian supermarkets, with their striking commercial symbols and bold exotic scripts. Another source of inspiration and materials is street combing – picking through the detritus left by the passing, multicultural human tides of Melbourne.

Bowers art work ranges freely across media and themes, skipping playfully from rural behemoths – majestic bulls, tractors and semi-trailers – to Melbourne streetscapes in close-up, to pop icons and the unexpected poetry of spam. Bowers refuses to be defined by a single style: his gleaning of materials, words and colours from his immediate world leads him down many stylistic paths. When the resulting works meet on his studio walls, they talk to each other in surprising ways.

He was a finalist in the 2010 Moran portraiture prize for his collaborative portrait with Nick Morris of elusive Victorian artist Doug Bartlett, and has featured in art exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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