Gabby Malpas

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Gabby  Malpas Gabby Malpas artist
Iceland Poppies and Wren
watercolour and ink on canvas
60 x 50 cm
Gabby  Malpas Gabby Malpas artist
Garden of Eden 5
watercolour, gouache and ink on canvas
76 x 51 cm
Gabby  Malpas Gabby Malpas artist
watercolour, gouache and acrylic on canvas
51 x 41 cm
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Gabby  Malpas

Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas Statement

I aI am a NZ artist who has called Sydney home since 2003 after living in the UK for 14 years. You may be familiar with my still life images: flora and fauna viewed and grown in NSW Australia with more than a hint of chinoiserie.

My work could be interpreted as purely decorative. By using allusion and symbolism, I weave stories into my work based on my experiences as trans-racial, Asian adoptee: joyful and chaotic assemblage of blooms and fruit displayed with a collection of ceramics from anywhere and everywhere but with a narrative that draws the viewer in for a second look.

The result is a collection of pictures combining unexpected elements to create strangely familiar images. There are stories to each of my works that lift them from the purely decorative into a narrative piece.

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