Warren Nichols

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Warren  Nichols Rhythm Western Port 1714
Rhythm Western Port 1714
oil on canvas
66 x 122 cm
Warren  Nichols Tranquility Western Port 1713
Tranquility Western Port 1713
oil on canvas
66 x 122 cm
Warren  Nichols Western Port 1505 Diptych
Western Port 1505 Diptych
oil on canvas
91 x 168 cm
Warren  Nichols Western Port 1506 Diptych
Western Port 1506 Diptych
oil on canvas
91 x 204 cm
Warren  Nichols Western Port 1509
Western Port 1509
oil on canvas
101 x 91 cm
Warren  Nichols Western Port 1715 Winter Morning
Western Port 1715 Winter Morning
oil on canvas
91 x 91 cm

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Warren  Nichols

Warren Nichols

Warren Nichols Statement

"A long held interest in, and active participation within the landscape has been central to my art practice.

My works are concerned, in most instances, with the immediacy, the feeling of being within a landscape.  That landscape may be the natural wilderness for which Tasmania is much celebrated, the four seasons as exemplified by a vineyard, snow and ice as experienced in the alpine regions, and more recently the changing mood and rhythm of the sea as observed in Western Port, Victoria.

In having a civil engineering and quality management background, it is not surprising that the approach taken to my painting has primarily been one of process – a process of exploring and applying transparent glazes over a pure white, textured base. This considered and systematic approach allows one to observe and arrive at tones and depth of colour not necessarily experienced by a single, direct application of paint.

Although earlier works were of a more expressionist composition, the Snow and Ice series and recent Western Port works reflect a more minimalist approach whereby the primary interest is in the effect of changing light conditions within a snow or sea environment. 

Snow is not white, but rather reflects the ever changing sky and surrounds.  In the distance we see varying shades of cool colours - grey, blue/ grey, and turquoise - that are interspersed with patches of ochre and umber coloured rock formations.  At our feet we stand in snow that reflects an array of blue, violet, and grey colour, which is capped with light catching, glistening ice.  Similarly, the sea reflects the changing sky, but unlike snow within a more static landscape, the sea’s form is never constant. The sea constantly changes colour, varying from turquoise to a myriad of blue combinations and variations of grey.  Waves, small or turbulent, provide a white relief, a flash of movement.

It is this translucency and transition in colour, as dictated by the changing sky and weather patterns over the white surface of snow, or transparency of water, that holds my interest and which I continue to explore in my work."

Warren Nichols Resumé

Education (Art)

2011 - 2016             Life drawing classes, Hawthorn. Tutor: Yvonne Audette

2002                        Life drawing classes, Hobart. Tutor: Dawn Csutoros

1998                        Life drawing classes, Hobart. Tutor: Paul Westbury

1981 – 1986            Associate Diploma Art, Craft and Design, University of Tasmania

1975                        Adult Education (Painting), Hobart. Tutor: Eileen Brooker

Solo Exhibitions

2016        Western Port   Quadrant Gallery, Hawthorn

2014        Western Port II   Mingara Gallery, Cowes

2013        Western Port   Stephen McLaughlan Gallery, Melbourne

2012        Western Port   Mingara Gallery, Cowes

2010        Snow and Ice   Goulburn Street Gallery, Hobart

2007        Grapes and Vines   Inka Gallery, Hobart

2004        Waterfalls   Inka Gallery, Hobart

2002        Enduring Landscape   Inka Gallery, Hobart

Group Exhibitions

2017                        Crossing the Bridge:  Recent Work by 6 Phillip Island Artists Meeniyan Art Gallery

2015                        Snow   Red Tree Gallery, Jindivick  

2014, 2016              Belle Arti Art Prize   Chapman & Bailey Gallery, Abbotsford

2014                        Junior Arts Festival, Newhaven College, Artist in Residence

2014                        Celebrating Westernport & Phillip Island Saraghi Art Space, Cowes

2012 – present         Artists’ Society of Phillip Island annual Easter and Cup Weekend  Exhibitions

2011                          Hawthorn Studio and Gallery/ Hawthorn Artist Society

2006                          Huon Art Exhibitions “en Plein Air”


2017        Highly Commended, Best Painting category, Artists’ Society of Phillip Island Easter Exhibition

2015        Best Art Work, Open Section, RSL Phillip Island Spirit of ANZAC Exhibition

2015        Joint winner, Themed Award: A Sense of Place, Artists’ Society of Phillip Island Easter Exhibition

2013        Best Abstract, Artists’ Society of Phillip Island Cup Weekend Exhibition


2012-present          Member, Artists’ Society of Phillip Island 

 Member, Hawthorn Artist Society


Andersch, Joerg   Gallery Watch, The Mercury, Hobart, 17th November 2007

Andersch, Joerg   Gallery Watch, The Mercury, Hobart, 23rd November 2002

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