Bernadette Smith

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Bernadette  Smith Bernadette Smith artist
oil on canvas
152 x 121 cm
Bernadette  Smith Bernadette Smith Artist
oil on canvas
137 x 137 cm
Bernadette  Smith Bernadette Smith artist
oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Bernadette  Smith Southerly Change
Southerly Change
oil on canvas
112 x 152 cm

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Bernadette  Smith

Bernadette Smith

Bernadette Smith Biography

Bernadette Smith is a cross disciplinary artist and art educator currently completing her Higher Degree by Research studies at Sydney College of the Arts.

Smith’s paintings comment on the psychological and material traces inherent within the beachfront, coastal forests, littoral zones and hinterlands of Australia representing liminal spaces where the land meets the sea. The impasto surfaces and viscous fusions of oil paint achieved by constant reworking of the surface and underlying layers express the physicality of the land.

Many of Bernadette’s paintings register on an emotional level and are especially topical, embodying charred tree trunks after bushfires, as well as impressions and reflective surfaces found within mudflats and tidal wetlands of our coastal ecologies. Her paintings invite the viewer to observe slowly, allowing the layers of meaning to communicate on an intuitive level.


In 2015, Bernadette released a book, ‘Aesthetic Transgressions of Bernadette Smith’, which covers a range of her works in the painting, photomedia and installation art mediums. Her art across all mediums is ultimately influenced by a sense of the precariousness of nature and much of humanity.

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