Shellie Christian

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Shellie  Christian Bird Totem 3
Bird Totem 3
75 x 10 x 10 cm
Shellie  Christian Bird Totem 1
Bird Totem 1
100 x 10 x 10 cm
Shellie  Christian Bird Totem 2
Bird Totem 2
75 x 10 x 10 cm

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Shellie  Christian

Shellie Christian

Shellie Christian Biography

I’m a Central Coast sculptor ceramicist expressing my life and soul connection with the land through earth-inspired forms.

I use natural elements found in the local bushland and coastline to create ceramics that evoke the oneness of land, people and our environment. That is what matters most – the bonds we have with each other, entwined with our deep-rooted connection with nature.

You can find some surprising markings and finishes in my work, created by using materials like pods, sticks, seeds and wire. I intuitively use them to extend the still form and echo the movement and energy I see in nature, mirroring the rustic elegance of the Australian bush.

My love of Australian birds and wildlife is a theme present in all of my sculptures. I hope my art will inspire respect for these beautiful animals and their habitat protection.

From the moment my hands first held clay, I haven’t stopped making, experimenting, learning, discovering and testing. I love the diversity of clay and the possibilities it offers. The excitement of how the clay responds to my touch and the movement I can obtain from it are magnetic for me.

My evolution as a ceramic artist is a journey illustrated by creativity. I’ve always crafted with my hands, from mixed media painting to collage and floristry, before I stumbled on the local Potters Society. And in that very first meeting with clay, a soul connection was ignited.

Over the next five years, I studied my statement of attainment, diploma and advanced diploma in Visual Arts at TAFE, always sculpting, shaping and sharing my wonder at nature’s beauty in each piece I make.

Today, I am an awarded artist and a teacher in my Central Coast studio where I host ceramics workshops.


Shellie Christian Statement

The soul of nature

I’m a sculptor ceramist who reflects the soul of nature in my art.

I unite the ruggedness of clay with natural elements to create textured ceramics that remind us of our deep connection to the land.

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