Juliet Collins

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Juliet  Collins Fairytale Insomnia
Fairytale Insomnia
thread & fabric on linen
77 x 153 cm
Juliet  Collins Far From Home
Far From Home
thread & fabric on canvas
76 x 76 cm
Juliet  Collins Kimono
thread and fabric on linen
51 x 76 cm
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Juliet  Collins

Juliet Collins

Juliet Collins Statement

In my art I seek to express my love of natural forms including the human form, my wonder at the processes of nature and the natural environment and my fascination with discovering the mysteries exposed in the layers and structures within forms. I am interested in this as a metaphor for considering the human condition & psyche. In sculpture I am currently working with metals, plaster, concrete and found objects. In 2D I am exploring textiles to create life drawings in embroidered thread & fabrics. My drawing – and especially life drawing – is the starting point for all the art I make. I never tire of observing the beauty of the human form or of the challenge of depicting what I see and feel. My response is always emotional.

My current series of works are the result of my experimentation with fabrics, machine embroidery, felting, collage and other techniques. Working in this way allows me to combine my love of drawing the human form with using inspiring materials that let me express what I feel and how I, as a woman, experience the world. I have been thrilled to discover the enormous expressive potential of textiles which also satisfy my sculptural need for texture, form and construction. I aim to express the essence of the moment; the aching beauty of the figurative line, and my joy in the textures, colours and patterns of the materials I am using. I hope to express atmosphere and emotion whilst also achieving an overall decorative effect. Just as found objects have always been an important element in my sculpture, guiding my direction and giving my sculptural processes a chance element that is to me essential, I enjoy discovering and choosing my fabrics, many of which are recycled, and allow their designs, textures and personality to take me on a journey to the finished piece.

Juliet Collins Resumé

Recent Exhibitions:
2012 - "Passion for Fashion", Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2012 - “Fabric of Life” solo exhibition, Kingston Arts Centre
2011 - Gifted, Kingston Arts Centre
2011 - Wearable Arts exhibition, Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza
2011 - Brunswick Street Gallery, Asian Folk Art/Fine Art Exhibition
2011 - Brunswick Street Gallery, Small Works Exhibition
2011 - Art Blitz. Kingston Art Centre
2010 - Gifted, Kingston Arts Centre
2009 - Association of Sculptors Victoria, Annual Exhibition, Manningham Gallery
2009 - Brunswick Street Gallery, Small Works Exhibition
2009 - Art Blitz, Kingston Arts Centre
2007 - Association of Sculptors Victoria Annual Exhibition, Monsalvat

2011 - Art Blitz at Kingston Art Centre 2011: 3rd prize
2007 - Association of Sculptors Victoria Annual Exhibition, Highly Commended
2007 - Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Sculpture Garden, 2007: 2nd Prize

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