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Alison  Coulthurst Be Yourself
Be Yourself
mixed media on canvas
150 x 200 cm
Alison  Coulthurst Become Life...Play
Become Life...Play
mixed media on canvas
122 x 166 cm
Alison  Coulthurst I am You
I am You
mixed media on canvas
150 x 200 cm
Alison  Coulthurst There Is Great Love Here
There Is Great Love Here
mixed media on canvas
120 x 120 cm
Alison  Coulthurst With Love
With Love
mixed media on canvas
130 x 130 cm
Alison  Coulthurst Alison Coulthurst artist
Spirit Moves Freely. Feel It?
mixed media on canvas
120 x 120 cm
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Alison  Coulthurst

Alison Coulthurst

Alison Coulthurst Biography

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton

My life to date has been as colourful as my art works. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and even though I have not lived in Africa since I was studying fine arts and graphic design in the 1980’s, I have a strong affinity to the raw natural beauty of Africa and its people. Often my artworks will unconsciously reflect this deep connection. Since leaving Africa I have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many exotic destinations and along the way have met interesting souls and had adventures that have influenced my life. It is from these life experiences and my spiritual beliefs that my art emerges.

The age old question … “does art reflect life or does life reflect art?” is something I try to answer each time I paint.  When I reflect on this it becomes clear that in essence everything in life is a work of art…something uniquely and divinely created….and I am blessed to be able to creatively express this on a canvas to inspire and emotionally involve others.  I don’t want my art to be analysed and dissected.  It comes from the soul and each painting takes me on a different journey … just like I want each observer to be taken on a unique journey.

My art emerges from somewhere deep within me, I just let it flow. I believe that the observer needs to contemplate what an artwork means to them, what emotions and feelings it evokes…trust in your own interpretation, trust your own instincts. Ultimately everyone is affected differently and has an individual appreciation – the colours, shades, shapes, textures, subject matter all intermingle for each individual translation. My paintings are highly textured – I use oils, acrylics, bitumen, shellac and natural fabrics  and within my work words are embedded – often something about love.  In response to my passion to spread my energy and inspire others through my art my works have been exhibited throughout the world – including New Zealand, UK, France, Italy, Singapore and Australia.

I have recently returned (excited and inspired) from two successful solo exhibitions in Bordeaux, France and Rome, Italy with works painted while living and painting in the French wine countryside.

Alison Coulthurst Resumé

Solo Exhibitions:
2012 - Manyung at Glenferrie Gallery, Melbourne
2011 - Bryce Gallery Christchurch NZ
2011 - Exhibitions Gallery Wellington NZ
2011 - Soho Gallery Sydney
2011 - Manyung at Mount Eliza Gallery, Melbourne
2010 - Parnell Gallery Auckland NZ
2010 - Bryce Gallery Christchurch NZ
2010 - Exhibitions Gallery Wellington NZ
2010 - Soho Gallery, Sydney
2010 - Manyung at Mount Eliza Gallery, Melbourne
2010 - Camden Fine Art Gallery London UK
2009 - Delshan Gallery Melbourne
2009 - Parnell Gallery Auckland
2009 - Fishers Gallery Christchurch
2009 - Marie Mizon Gallery Sydney
2009 - Showcase Gallery Dubai
2008 - Manyung at Mount Eliza Gallery, Melbourne
2008 - Delshan Gallery, Melbourne
2008 - Fishers Gallery, Christchurch NZ
2008 - Global Gallery, Sydney
2008 - Manyung Gallery, paintings and sculpture
2007 - Fishers Gallery, Wellington New Zealand
2007 - Lynne Wilton Gallery, Melbourne
2007 - LK Gallery, Perth
2007 - Maree Mizon, Sydney
2007 - Fishers Gallery, Auckland
2006 - Fishers Fine Art, Auckland, NZ
2006 - Art Melbourne, exclusive stand
2006 - Art Sydney, exclusive stand
2006 - Lynne Wilton Gallery, Melbourne
2006 - Maree Mizon Gallery, Sydney
2005 - Monogramma Gallery, Rome
2005 - Lynne Wilton Gallery, Melbourne
2004 - Global Gallery, Sydney
2004 - Lynne Wilton Gallery, Melbourne
2004 - Mercedes Fashion Week: Australian Fashion Week: Feature Artist
2004 - Finalist, Cromwell Art Prize
2003 - Global Gallery, Sydney

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2011 - Art Melbourne
2010 - Art Sydney
2010 - Art Melbourne
2010 - Parnell Gallery Auckland NZ
2010 - Bryce Gallery Christchurch NZ
2009 - Art Sydney
2009 - Art Melbourne
2009 - Art Brisbane
2008 - Art Brisbane
2008 - Australian Stock Exchange Charity Art Auction
2008 - Global Gallery Sydney, July
2008 - Art Sydney
2008 - Auckland Group Show, November
2008 - Jeans for Genes Day Charity Auction
2008 - Justin O'Connor Cancer Research Auction
2008 - Showcase Gallery Dubai
2007 - Art Melbourne
2007 - Art Sydney
2007 - Art Brisbane
2007 - Australian Stock Exchange Charity Art Auction
2006 - MiArt, 1 of 5 artists represented by Austrade (Australian Government), Milan, Italy
2006 - Australian Stock Exchange Charity Art Auction
2005 - Art Sydney 2005, exclusive stand
2005 - Fishers Fine Art, Auckland, NZ
2004 - Affordable Art Fair - Battersea Park, London
2004 - St Thomas Art Show, Willoughby
2004 - Balmain Art Show
2004 - ASX Reuters Charity Art Exhibition. Organised by FONAS
2004 - St Josephs Art Exhibition
2004 - Fairfax Gallery, UK. Summer Exhibition
2004 - Affordable Art Show Sydney, Fox Studios
2004 - The Kings School Art Exhibition
2004 - Australian Stock Exchange Charity Art Auction
2004 - Riverview Art Exhibition
2004 - Queenwood Art Exhibition
2003 - Edge II - Mary Place Gallery
2003 - Riverview Art Exhibition
2003 - St Josephs Art Exhibition
2003 - Kings Art Exhibition
2003 - Affordable Art Show - Sydney
2003 - Willoughby Art Exhibition
2003 - Balmain Art Exhibition
2002 - Riverview Art Exhibition
2002 - Willoughby Art Exhibition
2002 - Balmain Art Exhibition

Charities / Representations:
Jeans for Genes Day" - portraits of Sting (winner of the People Choice Award), Tim Winton, Mylie Cyrus, Ewan McGregor
Cystic Fibrosis (65 Roses event)
Cancer Research (O'Connor foundation)

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