Terrence J Hadler

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Terrence J Hadler Dead Sentinels
Dead Sentinels
oil on canvas
120 x 180 cm
Terrence J Hadler Terrence J Hadler artist
In Hattah, Kulkyne
oil/acrylic canvas board under glass
32 x 81 cm
Terrence J Hadler In The Strathbogie Ranges
In The Strathbogie Ranges
oil on canvas
90 x 120 cm
Terrence J Hadler Old Giant In The Kulkyne
Old Giant In The Kulkyne
oil on canvas
90 x 75 cm
Terrence J Hadler On A Mallee Sand Dune 2
On A Mallee Sand Dune 2
oil on canvas
60 x 90 cm
Terrence J Hadler Terrence J Hadler Artist
Rain On The Inland
oil on linen
120 x 160 cm
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Terrence J Hadler

Terrence J Hadler

Terrence J Hadler Biography

I was born in the Victorian Mallee in 1947 and lived all of my childhood years in rural Victoria.

I was educated at Melbourne University taking an Honours Degree in Law and practiced in this field for some years before becoming completely disillusioned with the legal system. Subsequently I travelled extensively throughout Europe and America with my wife, Kathryn. Returning to Australia in 1982 l commenced painting fulltime.

During my time in the legal profession, I had art lessons with well-known Menzies Creek artist, Richard Keith Gasson, and also was tutored by the brilliant Victorian artist, Ambrose Griffin. My work has taken me through a roller coaster ride through styles and techniques. Initially I painted in a very traditional realist style influenced by my previous teachers. However, I found that over the years my focus changed to Australian Impressionism greatly affected by Charles Condor and Sir Arthur Streeton.

By chance, in 1996, I visited a Fred Williams retrospective exhibition and was overawed by the beauty in the simplicity, colour and design of his landscapes. This enlightening caused me to abandon a large degree of my style of work and concentrate on contemporary art. I am heavily influenced by Fred Williams and Piet Mondrian (who so greatly influenced Fred Williams).

I now mainly paint very large canvasses in contemporary semi-abstract style. I concentrate in vivacity of colour, simple line and representational motifs to express my view of the Australian bush. However I feel that my journey is far from complete as I have fallen in love with the surrealist paintings of perhaps our greatest painter, Brett Whitely, and can see myself in the future exploring these directions.

My art is now spread worldwide and is sold in all capital cities in Australia, as well as many regional centres. Some notable sales of my art have been to Ex-President Jimmy Carter (U.S.A.), Mrs Anita Keating , the Australian Embassy in Washington DC and recording legend, Slim Dusty.

Recently I have completed 40 paintings for the Australian Tourism Commission which will be used to promote Australia overseas.

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