Melanie Hava

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Melanie  Hava Seahorses and Pink Coral
Seahorses & Pink Coral
mixed media
61 x 61 cm
Melanie  Hava Dancing Brolgas
Dancing Brolgas
mixed media on canvas
120 x 170 cm
Melanie  Hava Angel Fishes
Angel Fishes
mixed media
61 x 61 cm
Melanie  Hava Cassowaries Home
Cassowaries Home
mixed media on canvas
122 x 182 cm
Melanie  Hava Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale
mixed media on canvas
140 x 91 cm
Melanie  Hava Wattle Dreaming
Wattle Dreaming
mixed media on canvas
122 x 182 cm
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Melanie  Hava

Melanie Hava

Melanie Hava Description

My father comes from the lush country of Austria and my mother comes from the South Johnston River Mamu tribe in North Queensland.

I paint in an individual free style where I aim to combine traditional styles of my Aboriginal heritage with my Austrian heritage. I am inspired by both the Australian and Austrian landscapes and particularly the medieval and architectural structures and art in Austria.

I’ve had a talent and passion for art since I discovered paint in kindergarten in Mount Isa. Over the years I have played around with landscape painting in oils, watercolours, folk-art in acrylics until I discovered a calling to my own style. In the late 1990’s, while living in Yowah Opal Fields west of Cunnamulla, I began selling my work on didgeridoos and canvas at local markets and to overseas buyers who frequented the town. In June 2005, after several sales through a local art gallery, I held my first solo exhibition “Migaloo Murri Art,” at Outback at Isa in Mount Isa. It was a success with 36 out of the 44 paintings selling in the month long exhibition. I received a further 6 commissions from the Council for paintings for corporate gifts and for the CEO and mayor’s offices. Afterwards I travelled to Austria to visit my father’s family and to be influenced by the art there. I also put several pieces of work in a small gallery in Austria and sold out.

Melanie Hava Resumé

Solo Exhibitions
2011 - Feature artist at Tosari Galleries, current July/August
2010 - “From Dust To Thunder,” Tosari Galleries, Toowoomba (sold out)
2009 - “Indigenously Austr(al)ian,” Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Toowoomba (22/26 sold)
2005 - “Migaloo Murri,” Outback at Isa, Mount Isa (36/44 sold)

Group Exhibitions
2012 - Earths Elements, Manyung Gallery, Mt Eliza
2008 - Brisbane Women’s Club, Brisbane
2007 - Gulf of Carpentaria and Savannah Indigenous Dreaming’s and Lifestyle exhibition

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