Christabel Blackman

Christabel  Blackman


Born in 1959, Melbourne, Christabel has resided in many cities around the world including London, Paris, Florence, Valencia, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.



2007-08: University of Valencia, Spain, Masters Degree. Official Postgraduate Degree in Science and Conservation Cultural Property, (specialising in Easel Painting)
1986: Attestato de Qualifica Professionale de la Regione Toscana, (Florence, Italy)
1984-86: Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro, Florence, Italy Diploma in Restoration of Easel Paintings
1982: Drawing Classes at Lorenzo de Medici School, Florence.
1977-81: Drawing, painting, photography and printmaking courses
1976: Alexander Mackie College of Advanced Education, Arts Degree
1975-82: Illustrator for the Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Quadrant and The Woman's Day
1977-2012: Fine Art Conservation

Selected Exhibitions
2014 The Pleasures Of Life, Anthea Polson Art, Qld (June)
2013 Legacy Blackman Family Exhibition, Queen Street Gallery, Sydney
2013 Solo Exhibition Crown Street Gallery, Sydney
2013 The Colour Red Christmas exhibition. Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2012 Solo Exhibition Greenhill Gallery, Adelaide
2012 The Artist Revealed Christmas Self Portrait Exhibition, Anthea Polson Art, Qld
2011 Entrevins Bodega and Gallery, Valencia, Spain
2010 Cookshill Gallery Newcastle
2005 Ayuntamiento, Torrente, Spain
1998 Casa del Pueblo, Cataroja, Spain
1993 Casa de Cultura, Alaguas, Spain
1992 Anne Von Bertouch Gallery, Newcastle
1986 Galleria Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy
1984 The Glass Factory, Sydney
1983 Private Gallery, Melbourne
1981 Sunnybank Gallery, Brisbane
1973-2012: Participated in numerous group shows in Perth, Canberra, Tasmania, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle, Ballarat, Armidale, Brisbane, Melbourne, Florence, Bern, Valencia and Madrid. Regional Tuscan Art Prize (1985)

Christabel's paintings hang in private collections throughout Europe (France, England, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Holland) and Australia.


Ebb and Flow of Memories - a Solo Exhibition
Manyung Gallery Malvern August 2015

Christabel Blackman’s new paintings entice us to enter into an imaginary world coloured by treasured moments of reflection and love.

Most recently, Christabel spent several months in her Spanish studio in Valencia. During her trip, she swapped her habitual life classes in musical Australian pubs for serene and classical studies in Gothic palaces, thus creating a new and inspiring creative environment. Being immersed in the contrasts of eternal and ephemeral, ancient and contemporary is manifest in this new exhibition at Manyung Gallery, Malvern.

Christabel explains that “Australians in Europe are immediately seduced by the awesomeness of everything. For me, living between these contrasting Antipodean cultures pushes daily events into a sharply vibrant light. My studio in Valencia is in an old villa on the edge of a pine forest, where the sun sets purple and orange behind the emerald hues. Residents are a pair of gorgeous cats who are my favourite muses. My florid and ornate garden has decorative ceramics, stonewalls, carob and olive trees, sage and rosemary hedges, lavender and jasmine vines. Valencia is the home of sophisticated decorative arts, swirling colourful patterns are prevalent in every village and inspiration is at the turn of any corner.”

Christabel continues to note that “being a pictorial troubadour, a drifter between cultures, linguist and lover of culinary delights, I revel in that seemingly illusive moment of happiness. The yearning for the moment past and the eagerness of all tomorrows, all wrapped up in the celebration of the here and now.

I believe that our lives are richer because of art.”

Christabel’s images evoke and provoke emotions; the girl, the cat, the window, the table or bouquet are all images that become both her subjects and muses. They are elaborate and complex, intertwined with patterned surfaces, at once decorative and provocative. Her works offer a doorway into a world of emotions and beauty, transporting the viewer to a world worthy of wonder.

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