Kristine Ballard

Kristine  Ballard


1970: DOB
1992: Bachelor of Design (BAD) University of Newcastle
1992-2015: Graphic Designer/Design Marketing Manager
2000-2018: Practicing Artist & Arts Educator


Solo/Duo Shows
2018 – UPCOMING SOLO SHOW, ‘COASTAL’ Manyung Gallery, Oct
2018 – ‘OUTLIERS’ SHOW, GalleryONE88, August
2018 – DISPLAY SHOW Croll Real Estate, July
2018 – ‘OUTLIERS’ SHOW, Hunter’s Hill, May
2018 – SURTEX 2018 Artshine Gallery, New York, May
2018 – SOLO SHOW ‘Colour of Venice’ Solo Show, Yuga Gallery, Feb
2017 – SOLO SHOW ‘Fragmatism’ Solo Show, Artshine Gallery, Oct
2017 – ‘OUTLIERS’ SHOW, Watchhouse Gallery, Jul
2016 – SOLO SHOW, Paradise, Artshine Gallery, Sydney, June
2016 – DUO SHOW, Flow, Gallery One88, Blue Mtns
2016 – SOLO DISPLAY, Hunters Hill POP UP Art Show, Sydney
2016 – Solo Show, Colour Walk, Xavier Art Space, St Vincents Private Hospital
2015 – SOLO Show: Flourish, Breathing Colours Gallery, Sydney
2014 – SOLO SHOW Cangiante, CK Gallery, Sydney
2014 – DUO SHOW CHROMA Tap Gallery
2013 – SOLO Show: Riversong, Ginkgo Gallery, Sydney
2012 – DUO Show: Verve, Art2muse, Double Bay, Sydney

Art Residencies & Overseas Painting
2016-17 – Painting in the Tropics: Savusavu Fiji
2015 – Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venice, Italy
2014 – Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venice, Italy
2013 – New York: Art Residency with The Art Students League, AWARDED THE RUTH KATZMAN SCHOLARSHIP
2012 – Residency at Monsalvat, Melbourne
2011 – New York: Art Residency with The Art Students League of New York
2010 – Spain: Plein-air Painting in Barcelona & Andalusia
2009 – France: South of France with Promenarts Gallery

Teaching in Fine Art & Design
2017/18 – Mitchell Summer School of Arts (Charles Sturt University)
2017/18 – Toonpreneur instructor for Toonworld (Cartooning for kids)
2000-18 – Private tuition in Fine Art and Design practices
2014-18 – Art Classes & Workshops in Fiji for adults and children
2016 – Creator of Co-Kreate. Youth Art Mentoring group with St George Art Society.
2015 – Arts Presenter of EDTV Australia
2000-12 – Art Teacher/art facilitator (Director Northshore School of Arts)

Group Shows and Art Prizes
2018 – Manfield Art Show, Victoria
2017 – Georges River Art Prize Finialist
         – Winter in July (Group Show), Gallery 503
2017/16/13 – Blacktown Art Prize (Finialist),
2016 – Light Group Show, Sydney Children’s Hospital,
         – Happy Group Show, Sofitel Gold Coast, 19Karen Gallery
         – Kirrilbilli Art Prize, (Finalist)
         – Hunters Hill Pop Up Gallery & Show
2015 – Linden Postcard Prize: Victoria,
         – RAWSYDNEY: Bold Showcase , Sydney,
         – Finalist Winner: Art Toppling Tobacco
        – Calleen Art Prize, Finalist
        – GROUP SHOWx6, Matthew Gillet Gallery,
2014 – Group Show, Breathing Colours Gallery, Sydney
         – Heysen Art Prize, SA (Finalist)
         – Glebe Art Show, Sydney (Highly Commended WOP)
2013 – 3 person show, Art2Muse, Sydney
         – Balmain Art Show, Sydney
         – Mt Eyre Art Prize (Short List), Rex Livingston Galley, Sydney
         – Tempe Historic House Group Show, Sydney
         – Hunters Hill Art Show, Sydney
         – LDLD Group Show. Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sydney
         – Muswellbrook Art Prize. (Finalist in WOP Section)
2012/2013 – Kings School Art Show, Sydney
2012/2013 – Waverley Art Prize (Works on Paper)
2012 – Group Show, Ginkgo Gallery, Sydney
         – Hawkesbury Art Prize, Blue Moon Gallery, Sydney (Finalist)
         – Kaleidoscope (SOLO Show), Ginkgo Gallery, Sydney
         – Fisher’s Ghost Art Show, Sydney (Finalist OPEN Section)
         – Group Show, Vive La France, Boyd Art Gallery, Sydney
         – Group Show Spirited, Peacock Gallery, Sydney
2012 – Group Show, Banksia Art Gallery
2012 – St Ignatius Riverview School Art Show, Sydney
2012/13/16 – Hunters Hill Art Show, Sydney
2011 – Group Show: Intimate, Wilson St @ Danks, Sydney
         – Group Show: ‘Xmas Salon Show’: Artsite Gallery, Sydney
         – Arts ile de ré (Australian artists in France): Promenarts: France
         – National Trust Harper’s Mansion Still Life Show (Finalist)
         – I heart Kirribilli Show (First Prize – Painting)
         – Group Show: The Great Unknown: Artsite Gallery, Sydney
         – The Kings School Art Show, Sydney
         – The Art Students League of New York: Residency Show
         – Artist Portfolio Issue 2. California, USA. (Honorable Mention)
         – Marrickville X Show. ESP Gallery Marrickville.
2010/11 – France: Pieces showing with Promenarts Gallery
2010/11/14 – Hornsby Art Prize
2010/14 – Waterbrook Art Prize, Sydney
2010 – St George Art Society (Commended – Works on Paper)
2010 – Liverpool Art Prize, Casula Powerhouse
2010 – Group Show, La Rochelle, France


Saturated colour and strong movement are signature strokes of a style I call ‘Fragmatism’. Images float, dissolve and fragment across the canvas. I specialise in semi-abstract still life and landscape paintings. Connections to our environment and the objects that fill them, are themes that continue to inspire my creative practice. Translating the vibrancy of life through colour is my life long quest.
Based in Sydney, Australia I have exhibited both nationally and internationally. Completing art residencies in New York, Venice and Fiji has played an important part of my art practice. I also enjoy helping others find their own creative path, this I do as the Arts presenter of EdTV Australia, conducting art functions and teaching one-to-one art classes.


In keeping with Picasso’s endeavours to ‘think like a six year old’, I believe that the world is
a magical place, and that there is beauty to be found in the simplest of subjects. Dramatic colour and high contrast tones are the features that attract my attention when selecting new subjects for my work. Inspired by everyday objects and locations, still life and landscapes are my focus.
It all starts with observation, sitting in one spot for a while and watching the colours shift as the light changes throughout the day. One of my great pleasures is sketching on site. Translating these moments to paper leads the way in capturing the energy of that time, that I can then translate into an artwork through paint on canvas. Sometimes it is overwhelming, everywhere I look, there lies the potential for a new piece. Stimulating the senses with the sweep of pure colour on canvas is my greatest delight. Capturing the life of an inanimate subject, be it a building or a cup, is a worthy challenge. All items respond to their environments, and, like a chameleon, can change their colour and mood many times. I work with a heightened colour palette. An admirer of the Fauve artists such as Franz Marc and Kandinsky, and their expressive hues, my quest for colour, and the perfect combination to ‘capture a moment’ will always be a driving force throughout my work. I have developed a style I call ‘fragmatism’. The shapes are created from my belief that our perceptions are often a compilation of reality and experience. Objects decompose and merge into one another. Like our memories, images float, dissolve and fragment into something new, yet familiar. ‘Fragmatism’ has evolved from a uniting of influences and admirations. The style is inspired by the cubists deconstruction process, the orphic explorations of the Fauves and the Nabi’s endeavour to synthesise nature and aesthetics. These artist’s had a passion for colour. Colour and emotion are inextricably linked. Andre Derain, one of the leaders of the Nabi group reflected on their obsessions... “We were always intoxicated with colour, with words that speak of colour, and with the sun that makes colours live.”


It is perhaps this comment that helps me understand why I am always attracted to areas where the sun radiates strongly. I am not sure if this is particular to my Australian culture, or that the shock of red hair that I carry never lets me see a grey world? Portraying this collaboration of intense energy and vibrancy is my ambition throughout my work. There are so many things in the world that I wish to translate to canvas, that I am never lost for inspiration. I am adamant that the best way to paint and draw must come directly from my own experiences. It’s how I connect throughout my art making process. Every piece I make has a tale to it. Perhaps I just like stories too much? I hope to invite the viewer into my technicolour spectrum and through my work, show them how delightful the world can be.




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Kristine Ballard

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