Stacey Mrmacovski

Stacey  Mrmacovski

About the Artists:

Stacey Mrmacovski is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne.

She was born into an artistic family, with her grandmother training her in oils by the age of 6. She graduated VCE Dux of Visual Arts and Communications, and proceeded to study Art Direction with a Bachelor of Communications from RMIT. 

After working in the media and art education industry, she decided to go back to her number one passion - painting - in 2014, and has never looked back. Her original artworks hang in collections across Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and the USA.


Group Shows:

2014: Camberwell Artshow

2015: Manyung Gallery Group Exhibition

2016: CAMART Contemporary Art Show

2016: Affordable Art Fair Singapore (with Manyung Gallery)

2017: Manyung Gallery Group Exhibition

2018: 'We Shall Not All Sleep' No Vacancy Gallery

2019: Affordable Art Fair Melbourne (with Manyung Gallery)


Solo Shows:

March 2019: 'Pare Down To The Essence' Brunswick Street Gallery


A1 Office, Melbourne, Australia

Comdain, Melbourne, Australia

Jellis Craig, Melbourne, Australia

Actron Air, Sydney, Australia

Kokoda Property, Melbourne, Australia

MOIRA, Melbourne, Australia 


In her latest body of work, Stacey Mrmacovski brings together a series of paintings which are an exploration in finding a sense of place amongst her experience of the landscape. Inspired by the unkept and untamed, the peaceful and serene, with each stroke of paint there is a solace to be discovered, a memory, a moment. 


"When interpreting the landscapes that surround me through my work, I like to cancel out the unnecessary noise and look at the beauty in its raw form, contrast and texture - all elements which I like to highlight in my paintings and that bring me a moment of solace, a sense of place and somewhere to escape to that is familiar, yet also unknown, much like life itself." 

Associated Exhibitions

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton
5 September - 8 September, 2019
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Celebrate The Festive Season - End of 2017 Group Exhibition
Manyung Gallery Malvern
1 December - 22 December, 2017
View works on exhibition
End of Year Group Exhibition
Manyung Gallery Malvern
8 December - 24 December, 2016
View works on exhibition
Affordable Art Fair Singapore
18 – 20 November 2016, F1 Pit Building
18 November - 20 November, 2016
View works on exhibition
Kaleidoscope Of Colour
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
5 November - 24 November, 2015
View works on exhibition
Autumn Awakening
Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
3 April - 26 April, 2015
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