Alia Leadabrand - The Warm Room
Manyung at Mount Eliza

5 July - 28 July, 2013
Friday 5th July 6-9pm

Alia Leadabrand’s creative method is one of meticulous process, beginning with a collection of fictitious and exotic characters from unidentifiable lands to then finding models with a certain gleam in their eye or a peculiar smile. She then paints positions and photographs the models to create an illusion of another place and one purely imaginative. Fabrics from all over the world envelop the bodies and faces of her models, creating a space of wonder and delight. Her love of Middle Eastern, Indian and South East Asia aesthetics is certainly poignant throughout her work. "I have always loved the intricate, painstaking and ultimately luscious work on textiles throughout Asia and the Middle East. My own home has pieces of such hanging from walls and draped over chairs and lounges." ‘The Warm Room’ will feature over 10 new works, each named after a song on singer and songwriter’s, Kate Bush’s second album, ‘Lionheart’. This is Leadabrand’s first exhibition with Manyung Gallery. See Alia in action