March 6, 2017
Fragments opens at Manyung Gallery Malvern!

Featuring new work by Natasha Barnes and Miertje Skidmore

Opening Thursday 9th March, 6-8pm

Considered one of Africa's most published artists, Natasha Barnes is a self-taught painter who has been widely collected all over the world and completed numerous corporate and private commissions, artworks for Hollywood and TV, greeting cards, hotels, airport lounges and boardrooms. “Art is what I do. Every painting is a mood and a reflection of what is happening in my mind. Some days are quiet - some days are abstract. But every day is a painting and a whole new way of looking at my world." Her love for expressionism and natural flair of movement is clearly evident in her new body of work. She boldly continues to capture the world around her and transform imagery into abstract fragments.

Let Miertje Skidmore's new body of work fill your eyes with vibrant colour, your body with movement and your soul, with energy. The fragments of abstract, aerated bubbles, and volcanic eruptions of transparent and intense shards of colours will immerse and mesmerize your mind. "At times we all need to step back and listen to our body demanding a more serene environment to reboot ourselves; it may be something as simple as a walk on the beach with soft ripples of waves, with our feet in the warm sand. Even the warm sun slowly drying our plants after the rain or listening to nothing more than a few birds enjoying that same process. This body of works acknowledges the need for those more subtle moments in life." -Miertje Skidmore Miertje's work has been collected by private collectors from China, Norway, Holland, England, Germany, U.S.A, Singapore, and into numerous private collections, including into the collection of Princess Monika of Germany.

To request a preview catalogue of this exhibition or to find out more information please contact the gallery.

Exhibition continues until 26 March, 2017.

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