June 25, 2018
Peter Coad: Horizon

Peter Coad feels most at home when he is travelling through big, vast landscapes in Australia with his wife Rosalie in their 4WD. They have visited every state in Australian and camped and hiked through thousands of locations over the past 40 years. Many of these locations he has revisited numerous times over the course of his career – finding something new and engaging each time.

Peter has always had a strong spiritual connection to the land. He believes that communication with nature remains the essential condition as a painter of landscape, “working in the wilderness, I am able to distinguish between the feeling I have for life and my way of expressing it in my work”.

This current exhibition at Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza marks 30 years of exhibiting with the gallery, it also marks 40 years of solid exhibiting by a dedicated artist. With all of Peter’s travels some sites are so remote that in 40 years very little has changed, trees may have fallen and new ones grown but the essence of those places have remained protected. Others that are located closer to civilisation have often been impacted by urban spread with fences, sheds and homes impacting the once pristine landscapes.

When you see a painting by Peter Coad, you’ll feel the positive energy of it before you even recognize the incredible colours and the dynamic lay of the land. “When I visit and paint in landscape it is always during the early morning and late evening,” he says. “These times produce the most vibrant and powerful of all nature’s colours. Matisse once said: Colours have the inherent power of affecting the feelings of those who look at them. I certainly believe I can really appreciate the beauty of the world by painting it”.

Opening Friday 6th of July 2018, 5 – 7pm and open all weekend from 10am

If you would like an exclusive preview of these works before the show please contact the gallery on T: 9787 2953 all sites E: staff@manyunggallery.com.au

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