June 9, 2018
Champagne Confessions

Janine Daddo is an iconic Mornington Peninsula artist; her works have long been described as joy-filled, colourful expressions that celebrate all the good things in life. This new body of works reflects the beauty of the Peninsula and the life it provides its inhabitants: Great surrounds, great wine and great conversations!

With titles such as ‘So many wineries so little time’, ‘Champagne Confessions’ and ‘Mixed dozen’ the artist is certainly embracing all the perks of living in one of the best cool climate wine growing regions in Australia. The real interest for Daddo extends into the relationships and conversations that are built around these social activities. The enhanced conversations of someone who is more uninhibited. The moments people take together to enjoy all the fruits of their labours, whether it be a kiss with a loved one, a laugh with friends or sharing a meal with family.

Daddo’s works are loved for their rich colours, intricate textures and her universally relatable subject matter. This has been well established with collectors from all over the globe buying her work from London, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, also enjoying her snapshots of all the good things in life.

Manyung Gallery Sorrento
113A Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento
03 97872953
0419 595 222

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