September 26, 2014
Putting the Heart Back into Your Home - a collaboration with Bronnie Masefau

Each week the Manyung Gallery Malvern window will be transformed by international interior designer, Bronnie Masefau, whose exquisite styling celebrates affordable, original artworks, contemporary furniture and liveable loveable environments.

Featuring artwork by Stephanie Mew, Meredith Earls, Dianne Fogwell, Despa Hondros, Jane Mogensen, Conchita Carambano, Lola Santiago and Sharon Pearson.

Meet Bronnie Masefau at Manyung Gallery Malvern over four weeks to explore four unique looks that will inspire you to put the heart back into your home.

Join Bronnie in the gallery from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday 11 October, Sunday 19 October, Saturday 25 October and Sunday 2 November

For more information, please contact the gallery, (03) 9509 8999

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  • September 26, 2014

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