January 21, 2015
Underwater Photographer Beth Mitchell

Beth Mitchell is a creative art and fashion photographer based in Queensland, Australia. Following senior school years, largely spent out of the classroom studying and practicing photography, she discovered and developed her niche— combining the elements of portraiture, fashion and conceptual photography into her own unique style.

Her emotive and captivating art depicts stories of beauty and ethereal themes, often as underwater scenes. Detailed design and handcrafted elements evoke dreamlike, yet poignantly real images.

2014 has shaped up to be a ground-breaking year as the showcasing of her new elaborate underwater series “The Imaginarium” begins with exhibitions around Australia, and featuring in international art shows around Europe and Asia.

Earlier this year, Beth was interviewed by Melbourne based writer, Katelyn Rew, and asked to both describe her style of photography and what makes her works so unique. Beth responded with "I describe myself as a fashion & underwater art photographer. Underwater is still a pretty unique niche, especially crazy whimsical fairytale scenes which are the type that I have found myself loving the most. There have been plenty of occasions where the underwater works have been confused as paintings, which is wonderful because obviously it can transport the viewer to a dream world."

Watch an online video of Beth describing her process by clicking here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxFkmctYyBQ&x-yt-ts=1421828030&x-yt-cl=84411374

Manyung Gallery is very excited to be exhibiting Beth's works in February this year!

Please call the gallery for more information, 03 9787 2953.

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  • January 21, 2015

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