March 19, 2015
Meredith Gaston launches new book!

Inspired by the uplifting power of art in everyday life, internationally acclaimed artist and author Meredith Gaston has married her love of words with delicate watercolours to create 101 Inspirations for Your Journey.

Every day is a journey, whether your bags are packed and you're off to see the world, or you're simply following your usual daily routine.

This collection of Meredith's favourite quotations from famous writers and thinkers will spark your sense of adventure and inspire gratitude, curiosity and delight as you journey through life. Hear Rumi’s thoughts on individuality, Mother Teresa’s ideas of love and kindness, Hans Christian Andersen’s notions on travel and adventure and William Shakespeare on the essence of time. With each wise and motivational citation nestled within a charming and playful watercolour, this follow-up to the successful book 101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration is sure to set you on a path of wonder, joy and mindfulness. Meredith Gaston’s whimsical, vibrant artworks in 101 Inspirations for Your Journey celebrate the journey of life in all its beauty, complexity, simplicity and splendour, making it the perfect gift for travellers of every kind.

Manyung Gallery Malvern will be selling original watercolours from her new book with the book and exhibition launch on Thursday 26th March - please join us! For more information, please contact the gallery on 03 9509 8999.

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  • March 19, 2015

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