April 28, 2015
Jewellery Masterpieces by Keiko Uno

Keiko Uno’s exquisite jewellery captivates both the eye and imagination with its breathtaking beauty.
Created out of a passion for excellence and the unique synergy of the youthful liberated Australian spirit and traditional Japanese principles, Keiko’s inspirational jewellery exudes confidence, sophistication and allure.

Keiko’s innate talent, bestowed on her by her family’s prestigious diamond, pearl and opal emporium, has been honed during her successful twenty-year international career spanning across Tokyo, London, New York and Perth.

Keiko’s collection pieces are inspired by her love for the sea, which, growing up in Western Australia and currently living on the coast, forms an integral part of her life. ‘The ocean is both an alluring beauty, and a source of rejuvenation and confidence that derives from connecting with one of nature’s great powerhouses,’ says Keiko.

Jewellery by Keiko is love and worn around the world, and has caught the eye of the surfing elite, with both seven time world surfing champion, Layne Beachley AO, and six time world surfing champion, Stephenie Gilmore seen wearing Keiko’s signature ‘Spirit of the Sea’ series of jewellery.

The genesis for Keiko is always an experience she wants to share, and a predominant focus in her work is finding the magical fusion between contrasting elements such as: lightness and darkness; refined elegance and liberated boldness; and her Japanese and Australian cultures. Keiko captures these elements through attention to form, patterns, and textures, as well as through her gemstone selections, metal work and finishes.

‘When the materials and finishes I have employed result in a delightful alchemy of allure and magic, I know a piece is done,’ says Keiko. Keiko’s designs are a poetic development of ideas that inspire a deep passion for life, love and beauty. Her work invites people to share and connect with the subject and others.

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